Know Things Related to Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer is one of the processes of a series of IVF procedures carried out by thawing embryos that have been previously frozen. This procedure can be an alternative choice to undergo, if there are certain conditions that cause embryo transfer must be postponed first. In the process of IVF, most doctors will advise prospective pregnant women to directly undergo embryo implantation in the uterus. But in some cases, embryo implantation can be considered to be postponed. The delay is done by freezing the embryo using a special tool, then stored, and thawed again at the right time. Melting embryos that have been frozen will follow the fertile cycle of expectant mothers so that the success rate of IVF is also high. Indications of Frozen Embryo Transfer There are several conditions that cause doctors to recommend expectant mothers to undergo frozen embryo transfer, compared to direct embryo transfer. Such as: Planning to carry out genetic screening of embryos. A prospecti
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